2007年12月15日 星期六

LR 和 NS 之差異

Lactated Ringer's Solution 在 125 年前由英國的 Sydney Ringer 發明,現在仍很普遍。

Normal Saline = 0.9% NaCl. 1 L 之 Normal Saline 含154 mEq/L of Na+ and154 mEq/L of Cl-

1 L 之 Lactated Ringer's Solution 含:130 mEq/L of Na+109 mEq/L of Cl-28 mEq/L of lactate4 mEq/L of potassium3 mEq/L of calcium

Lactate converts to bicarbonate in liver. Patients with lactic acidosis usually have inadequate liver metabolism of lactate so conversion to HCO3- from the infused lactate of LR is impaired and may give false readings of serial lactate measurements but may be a better choice in regular situations where hyperchloremia restricts use of normal saline.